Quick Tip Guide: 5 Basic Tips to a good landing page

There is an art and a science to making your landing page stand out from the crowd. It is imperative that you do something to capture your audience and ultimately make them follow the call to action that you have established. It is so much more cost effective to capture and engage your target market time and again that it is to buy them with SEO, Banner Ads, PPC or any other paid for advertising. Your brilliantly designed landing page can have all the results that these marketing tactics can do and more. Here are our 5 basic tips to designing a good landing page:

Headline It

You used to have just two seconds to make a good first impression and that has now changed. It is currently about 2 milliseconds and there is a huge amount of noise vying for your visitor’s attention therefore a bad headline can kill a good landing page just like that! Think of your audience, what you are trying to push, sell or get them to do as ultimately this will buy you time to overcome other weakness in your page.


Your landing page is not your website. That means that you don’t need themes and navigation bars that your content management system expects you to use. The sole purpose of the landing page is the call to action. Make it clear, easy and make it stand out. Don’t confuse them by offering more.

Mobile Design

Over half of your landing page visitors will be on a mobile device. Fact. Over half of these visitors will also delete the email if you landing page does not load on their mobile. Therefore, over half of your database will not even see your landing page! Design your landing page with mobile in mind.

Choices Are Bad

Your landing page should have a simple goal. Giving the user the change to procrastinate will probably result in procrastination. Make it clear what action you wish the user to take and ask just that or those questions. The more relevant the questions are to the purpose of the page, the more positive results you’ll get.

Brand Values

While reiterating that you landing page is not your website and that you should forget about themes, what you should not forget about is your core brand values. Your landing page must reflect your brand. All fonts, colours and graphics should all be in keeping with your brand and anything that doesn’t reflect those values must not appear on your landing page.

The ‘Fold’

‘People don’t scroll’ is a myth. Everyone scrolls. They prefer to scroll rather than click. Fact. So stack all your important information on top of each other and make it as easy for the end user as humanly possible.