The top 6 features of great email in 2018

Web fonts It has been possible to use web fonts for a while in email but brands have really only just started to use them from the end of 2017. This technology provides a massive improvement in terms of the overall look and feel for most brands. The ability to use custom fonts right within the email is a huge step forward both for email designers and also for the companies trying to show their branding correctly. One major additional advantage of web fonts in email is of course the opportunity of being able to include much more content of the email in actual html text. This improves the accessibility of an email not to mention the deliverability and overall…

Predictions for 2017 email marketing

Well, it only took 2 years, at this time in 2014 I wrote that 2014 was going to be the year when mobile responsive email just became email, became the common place, was what all the hip kids were doing. That finally happened in 2016, so the market was a little behind the curve but, boy, did email marketing catch up quickly! Responsive and Spongey coded emails abound, as do gif animation emails. Open the door and when you marketers come through it you do it with vision and a vengeance. So what will 2017 bring us? is it finally the year of video in email? Is it the year when automation crosses the chasm and is no longer the…

Essential Email Marketing tips for Christmas

At Christmas time email marketing retailers really need to make hay while the sun shines. However, sometimes we are so busy doing our day to day job that we don’t stop to think about the specific requirements or the bountiful opportunities Christmas offers us. What we do know is if we get it right it is a great year at the tills and if we don’t well… Download the full infographic

8 ways to improve your email marketing

In our latest infographic Natalia looks at 8 simple ways to improve your email marketing. With email set to reach 4.9 billion users by 2017, it has greater reach than any social channel. Nat looks at some of the basics which will improve your email marketing if you follow these simple rules. Download the infographic

How Purple Parking went from good email marketing to great email marketing

Purple Parking, the UK’s best airport parking service, used to do pretty good email marketing. They segmented their data; they sent appropriate, targeted messages with on brand crisp creatives; their emails got opened; they got clicked, and parking got booked. All in all it was a pretty effective programme and they sell parking services so that was that, what else could they do to improve things, they had everything seemingly covered. In essence, they did good email marketing but not great email marketing. Well, the Purple Parking management team had different ideas, they wanted more, so in conjunction with Spike Marketing and display block they came up with a great email marketing programme. Not excellent, just great. Excellent is still…

Here comes the sun

It’s fair to say that we are all used to receiving many marketing emails every day. None of us are sat there desperately waiting for marketing emails but we do care about some more than others – we open and read emails based on the sender, subject line, whether we have free time and our mood in general. On the marketing side of the fence, we’re looking for any angle that will inspire more user interaction with our emails – targeted content, irresistible offers, inspired design… Something else to consider is seasonality but it needs to be thought through, be relevant to your products or brand and stand out from what can often be a deluge of similar emails, many…

Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic

Graphic design is a visual language of communication and, like any language has its rules. Emails have become part of the graphic world so need to abide by these rules. UX (user experience) is also critical and respecting the principles of UX will improve the engagement of your audience. So welcome to our Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic, where we look at how design and UX can work seamlessly together.

Why Choose Email Marketing Infographic

The death knell of email continues to ring around the digital marketing space, yet the numbers in terms of users, engagement and revenue generated still outshine other channels. In our latest Email Marketing infographic, we look at the numbers and show you why email marketing is still the channel of choice when it comes to keeping in touch with your customers.  

Emails that work

As we all experience every day, emails, particularly those viewed on a ‘phone – which is most of them – get read or not based on two things: brand affinity and the engagement factor. And whilst many of us are loyal to the brands we like, most emails are only read and then acted upon if they contain a clear message, easy to read copy, strong call-to-action, are succinct and use eye-catching and original imagery. But this is just the start. Our use of online, interactions with brands, exposure to thousands of marketing message across multiple channels and devices, increasingly short attention spans and reduced tolerance for generic old fashioned methods of selling products and services means even the most…