Author: Mike Parry

Mike launched the first email company - e2 Communications - in the UK in 1999, then launched EmailBureau, which became the largest email marketing company in the UK in 2002 before co-founding Inbox Warriors with Tony Macpherson in 2007. He has spoken at numerous seminars so it's just as well he loves the sound of his own voice. Mike likes golf, wine and verbally abusing people.

What’s the real cost of not outsourcing your Email Marketing

Why is it more expensive to do something in house? Just recently our sales team have come across a number of potential small business accounts which have said; We manage email marketing ourselves… It’s become a part of my role and I fit it in when I can… We’re too small to outsource… We use the DIY email builder for our emails… We can’t afford to outsource. The answer to all of these is simple: You can’t afford not to outsource and here’s why: As a small business you need to leverage every penny of your resource to it’s maximum. If you’re an SME you probably don’t employ a marketing manager, a designer, a coder or a database administrator. This…

GDPR – the email marketing red herring

Have I got your attention? I’m going to say something else controversial, GDPR is not about email marketing! GDPR doesn’t cover email and the ICO doesn’t care how many times you email your data, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, once a day, once a week or once in a blue moon. It simply isn’t relevant. They don’t care when the last time a name on your email list opened an email, it isn’t in their remit. That’s right, GDPR is not about email marketing! It does reference the currently-under-review PECR but more as a make sure you also follow these regulations, which you should have been doing for years now. Now don’t get me wrong, anyone undertaking…

Predictions for 2017 email marketing

Well, it only took 2 years, at this time in 2014 I wrote that 2014 was going to be the year when mobile responsive email just became email, became the common place, was what all the hip kids were doing. That finally happened in 2016, so the market was a little behind the curve but, boy, did email marketing catch up quickly! Responsive and Spongey coded emails abound, as do gif animation emails. Open the door and when you marketers come through it you do it with vision and a vengeance. So what will 2017 bring us? is it finally the year of video in email? Is it the year when automation crosses the chasm and is no longer the…

Essential Email Marketing tips for Christmas

At Christmas time email marketing retailers really need to make hay while the sun shines. However, sometimes we are so busy doing our day to day job that we don’t stop to think about the specific requirements or the bountiful opportunities Christmas offers us. What we do know is if we get it right it is a great year at the tills and if we don’t well… Download the full infographic

It’s a right treat!

Our CEO, Mike Parry, is always saying, “EVERYTHING starts with the data, the creative, the content, the timing, the delivery is all secondary, you’re email is only going to be successful if you have great data.” So, in this Halloween infographic we look at the statistics around decaying data and how you can improve your data quality.  

8 ways to improve your email marketing

In our latest infographic Natalia looks at 8 simple ways to improve your email marketing. With email set to reach 4.9 billion users by 2017, it has greater reach than any social channel. Nat looks at some of the basics which will improve your email marketing if you follow these simple rules. Download the infographic

Using what you know to drive £££’s @ Inbox Marketing

Inbox Marketing Conference, Strand Palace Hotel On Monday the 26th of September I will be talking at Inbox Marketing about using the data you know to automate your email marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and revenue. I will be taking email marketing right back to its source; the data, what you can learn from what you already have and how you can turn that information into revenue. Inbox Marketing have asked me to take one travel related client and look into customer purchase history and what you can learn from the information you already hold such as customer age vs population age, gender bias (in some industries there is still a very strong male>female bias) to determine where your…

How Purple Parking went from good email marketing to great email marketing

Purple Parking, the UK’s best airport parking service, used to do pretty good email marketing. They segmented their data; they sent appropriate, targeted messages with on brand crisp creatives; their emails got opened; they got clicked, and parking got booked. All in all it was a pretty effective programme and they sell parking services so that was that, what else could they do to improve things, they had everything seemingly covered. In essence, they did good email marketing but not great email marketing. Well, the Purple Parking management team had different ideas, they wanted more, so in conjunction with Spike Marketing and display block they came up with a great email marketing programme. Not excellent, just great. Excellent is still…

Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic

Graphic design is a visual language of communication and, like any language has its rules. Emails have become part of the graphic world so need to abide by these rules. UX (user experience) is also critical and respecting the principles of UX will improve the engagement of your audience. So welcome to our Email Conversion and UX Correlation infographic, where we look at how design and UX can work seamlessly together.

TLS: is the Google mail padlock hurting your email marketing?

What is TLS and how is it going to affect my email marketing or why has Google put a big broken padlock next to my email? These are questions on many a marketers lips right now, well the second one is, the first one is only ever asked after the first one has been answered! Google have adopted TLS (Transport Layer Security) as their encryption software, so what is it? TLS is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security over the internet. Got that? Great let’s move on! Seriously, TLS is designed to stop your email being read in transit and being hacked. The outgoing mail server, in our case a power MTA, encrypts your marketing email and sends…