About us

A short history and billions of emails

We’re a UK-based email marketing that has been operating successfully for over 15 years. We offer both fully-managed and self-service email marketing solutions. We’re a friendly bunch and always happy to talk email. If you’re interested in working with us feel free to pop in and we’ll be happy to have a meeting with you. We have offices in London and Edinburgh.

Things we do

Our business is email marketing and we offer all services around email marketing as well as the actual sending of emails. We do email coding, design, strategy, sending and data hosting. We also offer all types of email marketing services such as automated emails and data hygiene. If you would like more information please check out our FAQ page or contact us with your query.

Who we are

If you’re interested in our team or working for display block please visit our Meet the team page.

Our Culture

We put happiness before profit and work with a number of charities that are important to us. When our clients are happy then we’re happy is our rule day-to-day.

Our Timeline

We started in London when email marketing had just begun

In 1999 our company was founded by Mike Parry and Tony Macpherson under the brand name Inbox Warriors. After working together at IPT they decided to provide a better more bespoke service for clients.

Once were Warriors

Inbox Warriors was quick to pick up some new recruits with Mel Jewell CTO and Josh Green Creative Director joining Inbox Warriors shortly after.

The White Company & Richer Sounds sending over 1m a month

With the rapid growth of Inbox Warriors our client portfolio stretched. By this point our biggest clients are were sending well over 1 million emails a week.

The Future is big bright and blue

Inbox Warriors was rebranded and we trade now under our current brand display block. While we are still an email marketing company our new brand reflects our more diverse offering. Our services are system agnostic an we also have our own platform.

We make room for SpaceNK and Net-a-porter

Inbox Warriors is rebranded and we now trade under our current brand display block. While we are still an email marketing company our new brand reflects a more mature and corporate nature of our business.

Our chosen charity

Starlight use the power of play to make the experience of illness and treatment better for children and their families.

display block is proud to have supported Starlight for a number of years and continues to do so.

Play is important. Play is invaluable. Play is vital.

Need more information?

We have a multi-disciplinary team ready to help you start sending great emails that your customers will love.