3 thoughts on “Email Analysis: REI

  1. Another great review Alex! I’ve been a big fan of REI’s emails for a long time. Although their designs have always been a little busy for me I’ve always appreciated how they code their emails.

    First time I’ve noticed text being over lay on top of images using bulletproof backgrounds. I’ve always just assumed it’s an image with text not actual text. I’ll have to keep an eye out for other examples of bulletproof backgrounds in use.

  2. REI emails are brilliantly made. Definitely a fan of them. Even with that nav bar! Kind of feel like their nav gets a little lost though. Everything in the header is black/white and it looks great, but if you’re wanting to draw click-throughs with your CTA, I would have thought they’d want to make more of it. Use of the hamburger menu gets me conflicted. Yes, it’s great use of a technique, but I’d like to see the stats on hamburger vs. normal nav.

    Also, why have the nav repeated in the footer for mobile? Feels like duplicated content for no reason. Maybe. I dunno how it all performs!

  3. Great review, Alex! Any chance you can post the source code for this one as well as for the previous reviews you’ve done?

    Being able to look at the source code really helps to learn and understand the different techniques that email designers are using

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