Expanding our development horizons

As with most emailing platforms today, automation has become a crucial element for timely, smarter marketing capabilities. Our platform has its own powerful automation suite in the form of workflows which can allow you to do all manner of clever things with your marketing from sending a series of triggered emails based upon user behaviour to notifying yourself when an event happens, e.g. someone clicks on an important link. This is all good and well, but what if you have development requirements to connect to all this using another application?

Well, thankfully our system is now set up on the rather handy Zapier (which if you are unfamiliar with is basically an online suite of third party apps, e.g. Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, WordPress, Google Analytics to name but a few, which can all be connected through the magic of a Zap to perform automated tasks), which means if you have an App in mind that is already on Zapier, you can connect to us. Once signed up to Zapier you can easily connect to our platform by entering a mere three bits of information – the URL to your account, and the API ID and Key:

Connect with only URL, API ID and Key

Here’s a few examples of the things you can do:

1. Notify yourself when campaigns are sending

Sometimes emails are very time sensitive and you might want to double check it goes when it should so if something goes wrong you can rectify it immediately. With Zapier you can get a notification the exact moment the campaign goes:

Set the Action to trigger when a campaign starts

You can use in-built features within Zapier, for example to send an email (one of many features):

All the in-built apps

Personalising the email with the campaign elements from our system:

Set up an email template

2. Trigger and Email via Slack

The first example was just using our platform with Zapier, but here’s an example of how to connect another App using Zapier, in this case the communication tool Slack. Say you had an unruly workforce that needed to be constantly disciplined, by simply using a Slack Channel and typing a message in it you could trigger a workflow in our platform that sends an email to a team alias telling everyone to “GET IN THE BOADROOM NOW”.

Slack options
Choose your Slack option


Slack actions
Choose our platform action, in this case to trigger a workflow


Workflow details
Set the workflow detail

This could turn a 2-minute job into a 2-second one. Perhaps not the most likely scenario, but hopefully you can see the possibilities.

3. Zapier Examples

Zapier itself offers up many examples of how they could be used (if automating processes is something you are interested in we would recommend you have a little look around), here are just a few of potential interest:

  1. Having a Google spreadsheet of your subscribers means you can add new entries on it and have them automatically added into a mailing list in our emailing platform
  2. In a total reversal, add new emails appended to a mailing list within our email platform to a Google spreadsheet, thus keeping them in sync
  3. Keep lists deduped whereby if an email is added to one list, you can remove it from another

It’s still a little in its infancy but we’re sure that the automated processes on offer will expand exponentially as more development takes place, but we’re hoping by now being on Zapier a world of automated possibilities will open up for smarter, more efficient marketing. Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any developmental queries or need any advice for up-and-coming projects and you can find a comprehensive list of all Zapier related API integrations here.