Technology For Marketing & Advertising Presentation

TFMA-2014-tileRecently I was fortunate enough to be asked to talk at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising show at Olympia (#TFMA014). I say fortunate when in fact I mean it in the same way you are fortunate to be chosen as a best man. It seems like a good idea, you get really involved in everything and then there is the trepidation around the speech itself.

I spoke in the email theatre on both days under the title, “the opportunity cost of designing with crayons”.  A rather cryptic title for a presentation that in essence turned out to be about responsive design for mobile. To cut a long story short it could have been summed up as “the opportunity cost of you not doing responsive email but continuing to design with crayons is your job!”.

The slides, without the narrative can be found here should you like the narrative too, please invite me to be best man and I will do this speech at your wedding.