Great Christmas Emails

Emails are an underestimated communication platform. In most situations, they could be even more efficient than phone calls and they are well adopted by businesses as a communication channel.

There is no better way to attract new customers than through email marketing. Good emails should be concise and straight to the point. They should have a clear goal and a short summary to start things off. The structure is also essential to a logically organised email. This will ensure that the email is visually scannable.

With the holiday season already here, if you haven’t started sending those holiday emails, now is a great time to start! Sales during the winter season have been increasing each year and smart brands are making sure to respond accordingly.

You first need to analyse the data from past Christmas campaigns. The goal here is to learn as much as possible from previous successes and failures so you can achieve greater results this year.


Looking at data from your past holiday campaigns should reveal:

What products drove the most revenue last Christmas? / Think about what products drove the most revenue last Christmas. You may want to offer them to your subscribers again this year.

Which promotions were most successful? Consider running something similar again.

Which customer groups brought in the most sales? Align your campaign to focus more on the same groups.

Which Christmas campaign ideas failed? You might want to avoid using them this year or attempt to rework them if they seem viable or more relevant now.

What were customers’ purchasing habits during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year? This could give you a hint on what to expect for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

The answers to these questions will better inform this year’s marketing decisions and increase your campaign’s chance of success.


When it comes to the festive season, get the most out of the holidays by dividing your Christmas email campaign into three stages:

Pre-Christmas: A few weeks before the Christmas period.

Christmas: Christmas and the days surrounding it.

Post-Christmas: A few weeks after Christmas.


Pre-Christmas emails are usually in the form of:

Wishlist: A great way to gently hint at the upcoming holiday is to show your customers products they might be interested in so they can add them to their wish list for when Christmas arrives.

Gift guides: Pre-Christmas emails can also come in the form of gift guides. If you have a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are, then you can offer relevant product suggestions that match their interests.


Christmas email campaigns:

If you have started nurturing your subscribers with pre-Christmas emails, the next step is straightforward. In fact, since you acted early and used personalised content to show your subscribers products that they are interested in, most likely they already have some of your products on their minds.

Providing your customers with Christmas discounts on products they have already shown interest in is an easy way to encourage them to buy. And do not forget to give them a chance to share these discounts with friends and family members!


Post-Christmas email campaign

Christmas might be over, but that does not mean your campaign is. The new year can also be profitable, and you should take advantage of it. What you do in January can even set the pace for the rest of the year.


Start your post-Christmas emails with:

Discounts: Give even more discounts to consumers who purchased during your Christmas promotions. They might have liked a product or service enough to purchase it again, or maybe there is something they had their eye on. With the commotion of Christmas over, people have more ability to focus on items/ services that would benefit them. Without your email reminder, they might just forget.


Show appreciation: Thank your customers for their support and tell them what your company has planned for the year. You may even want to offer them a gift to show how much you appreciate them.



Here are some tips and tricks on what good Christmas emails should have that can help your brand grow holiday sales.


Focus on mobile-friendly email design

People are opening more emails on mobile phones than ever before. Nowadays, 85% of people use mobiles to access email, and according to Statista 2020, 52% of all online traffic is conducted on smartphones.

Living in the era of smartphones more and more traffic comes from mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones. It is more important than ever to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and go the extra mile to ensure they look great for the different email clients.


Don’t underestimate the power of fonts

Make sure the content is big enough for the customers to read and bet on web-friendly fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana or Georgia. And increase the size of the font for easy viewing where needed.


Use catchy subject lines with holiday cheer

Your emails should stand out from your competitors who will also over-flood your customers’ inboxes. Make sure the subscribers will open your email and take an action. Be brief and get straight to the point. Mention if you are offering a deal and how long would it last. Consider using questions in the headline to intrigue the customers. And do not forget to use emojis, they are a great way to spice up those emails and bring in the Christmas atmosphere.


Offer deals that customers cannot resist

Christmas is about giving, so what better time to share a little something with your subscribers? The top three promotions that can tip the holiday scales in your favour include cashback, product discounts, and free shipping.

Sometimes shoppers will abandon their full cart and leave your site. Sending them an email as a reminder with 10% off the products in their cart is a great way to promote those sales.


Make sure to send the right amount of promotion emails

Sending too many emails can result in them getting lost in inboxes, not to mention force subscribers to unsubscribe from your newsletter.


Consider sending personalised emails

Personalised emails are more effective and efficient. They have improved both in click-through and higher transaction rates.  And since emails are one of the few ways to send personalised offers, why not take advantage of them!


Final thoughts

Christmas holidays can be more than just merry and bright. They can be way more profitable when you approach them with a carefully strategy. Just remember to start building your customers’ interest early and give them offers that they cannot resist. And do not forget to thank and reward them.