Intro Paragraph

1. Review of current marketing activity

  • *required
  • *required
  • What type of emails are being sent?
  • *(website action, date, pre/post stay, basket abandonment or other event)
  • Who are they being sent to?
  • What is the mail frequency?
  • What is the current method of testing email success?
  • What email testing is currently used?
  • What social media is used and how does it link with other channels?
  • How is the content for campaigns gathered?
  • What dictates the email content?

2. Review of current database

  • Who is in the database?
  • How is the data collected?
  • What type of segmentation is used?
  • What type of data is collected?
  • Are there other opportunities for collecting data?

3. Analysis of what you want to achieve

  • What is the business goal of email improvements?
  • Where do you want improvement?
  • Are there other areas to improve?
  • What is the timeline for the project?
  • What are the deliverables?

4. Trading information

  • List of products and services
  • Identify top products; price, ease of purchase, sales value, sales volume
  • Level and type of online sales attributable to email communications
  • Level and type of sales attributable to other channels
  • Trading times, which are the most profitable
  • List trading locations

5. Online journey breakdown

  • Sign up process
  • User experience
  • Purchase path
  • Level of personalisation

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